Abuse Intervention Program

The Abuse Intervention Program offered by the Dove Center is a 26 week program that requires commitment, and a desire to change. It is a group counseling program, for individuals who are abusive, and wish to change that behavior.

Week 1: Individual intake session
Weeks 2-25: Twenty-four group sessions
Week 26: One exit interview session

  • Attendance requirements must be fulfilled.
  • Cooperative participation in group sessions is mandatory.
  • Service fees must be paid on time. Fee for service is based on verification of personal income, and range from $100 to $400. Payments can be made throughout the duration of the program, as arranged by the program Coordinator.

The program focuses on eight main themes:

Non-threatening behavior
Support and Trust
Honesty and Accountability
Sexual respect
Negotiation and Fairness

Each theme is covered in 3-week modules, during which each participant will be presented with information regarding new coping, communication, and empathy skills.